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Industries Overview

We offer engineering consulting services to a wide variety of industries, from the Tech Industries to heavy industries. Our job is to make the problem at hand understandable and provide practical solutions though measurement, analysis, modeling, and engineering design.

What makes our consulting services so unique is that on every project we are involved with we are aware of the larger picture of the many factors affecting the structural dynamics of the equipment we are working on. Almost always, our level of experience is key to saving our client crucial time and effort. We have decades of structural dynamics experience in experimental test design, instrumentation, digital signal processing, measurement, analysis, trouble shooting, and engineering solutions.

In the Tech Industry we have helped develop many critical systems and products including; scanning electron (SEM) microscopes, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems, home dialysis systems, robotic surgical systems, optical inspection systems, confocal microscopes systems, chromatographic analyzers, atomic force microscopes (AFM), genomic sequencers, biomedical fluorescent array analyzers, optical interferometers, ion mills, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometers, stylus profilometers, film thickness analyzers, tunneling electron microscopes, critical dimension measurement systems, defect optical detection systems, and many more. 

In heavy industry we provide vibration, acoustic and engineering consulting services on issues concerning vibration, thermal, acoustic noise, stress, strain, fatigue, and failure problems. Some problems involve a complex interaction of multiple variables. 

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